Stuffie Cow

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you the sewing instructions of these super cute stuffie cows! Included pdf sewing pattern printable!

What you’ll need

  1. Amount of fabric depending on the desired size of your finished cow stuffie (mine was differently colored on each side but you could use two different fabrics just as well.)
  2. black fabric (just a tiny bit for the paws)
  3. Matching thread
  4. Needles
  5. Black yarn for the nostrils, hairs and eyes
  6. Some stuffing (I used small fibre balls)
  7. Sewing pattern

First off, you need to print out all the parts of the sewing pattern in the size you want. Cut them out, place them on the fabric and mark the edges (don’t forget the seam allowance!). Then cut out the different fabric pieces.

How to cut out the fabric pieces for a light cow

  1. Piece 1 should be cut out twice like it is on the pattern and twice the other way round (left and right pieces, if you use two-sided fabric make sure all parts are light on the right side). Four pieces altogether.
  2. Piece 2 should be cut out 8 times from the black fabric.
  3. Piece 3 should be cut out once from the dark side of the fabric.
  4. Piece 4 should be cut out once like it is on the pattern and once the other way round (left and right piece). Two pieces altogether.
  5. Piece 5 should be cut out once.
  6. Piece 6 should be cut out four times (2 dark pieces and 2 light pieces).
  7. Piece 7 should be cut out twice from the dark side.
  8. Cut out a piece 10cm x 2 cm, this will form the tail

Once all pieces are cut out, hem them to secure the edges.

How to put the pieces together

Sew (2) and (2) together facing the right sides inwards (4 times). → paws
Sew (1) and (1) to create the body shape (1 time!). → body
Sew the paws to the body. Sew the parts of the body to the paws that aren’t joined yet. Roll in the tail piece and hand stitch together. Tie a knot 1 cm from the end of one side and cut into the fabric to create some hairs at the end of the tail. Now join the back parts of the body with the tail in between.
For the ears sew (6) and (6) together with different sides facing upwards to create the inner ear color of the cow. Turn over the fabric and fold the lower edge 1 cm upwards and stitch in place. Now sew the ear into the slit of (4). Do this to times for both sides of the head.
For the snout take (3) and sew (7) with the round edge on both sides (with dark sites as right sites). Then sew (5) to the snout with the bottom part of (5) facing the top of (3). Now sew side parts (4) with attached ears onto the sides of (7) and (5). Do this twice and the result will be the completed head.
Now stuff both parts, the body and the head. Then hand stitch the head on to the body.
Lastly, stitch on the nostrils, hair and eyes with a black yarn.


Here some of my cows and of course the download link for the sewing pattern



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