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IKEA Nils armchair cover

Hey everyone!

For my dining room I initially bought two of the IKEA Nils armchairs. I think the design of this chair is pretty nice, although I did not like the covers that IKEA offers. On the one hand they are not that cheap and the variety of colors is also very limited. So I decided to make my own cover with my favorite fabric.

That’s why I want to share this sewing pattern with you today. I hope you’ll enjoy!

What you’ll need:

  1. Fabric that will suit this project (Mine’s jacquard fabric, 1,5m wide and I needed 2,5m of it to fit the sewing pattern and the direction of the fabric pattern)
  2. 3m of velcro fastener (you’ll only need the looped side of it because the hooked one is already stapled to the chair).


First of all download the sewing pattern and print it out (I recommend letting this one be plotted, A0 document).

Seam allowances are not given in the pattern!

The parts are sewn together like this:

All parts need to be hemmed to secure the edges. Make sure the bottom parts of (1),(4),(6),(7) and (8) are either tucked into the chair or wrapped around it. All of these parts have the velcro fasteners attached.

That’s basically it, here’s what my cover looked like and the download link for the sewing pattern!










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