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Botanical themed dining room

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my newest fabric findings! I shopped online at (shipping available for UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany!) and decided to buy some botanical printed fabrics as I got inspired by their online catalogue. Altogether I bought four different fabrics for my dining room:

1. Cotton fabric in nature (link), 2. A woven cotton mix with hosta leaf print (link), 3. Woven cotton mix offwhite with palm tree print (link), 4. Halfpanama with green stripes (link). I used them to make a table cloth, table runners and cushions.

How to sew (cushions, no zip)

  • Upper hem: 3 cm + 3 cm
  • Lower hem: 2 cm + 2 cm
  • Seam allowance on the sides: 1 cm
  • Flap: 15 cm
  • Body: According to the desired pillow size (40 cm x 40 cm for the bench cushions; 50 cm x 50 cm for the chair cushions)


  1. Secure the long edges with a large zig zag stitch or overlock stitches
  2. Press the hems on the short sides (wrap them inwards)
  3. Stich the hems in place with top stitching
  4. Fold the fabric with right sides facing each other and stitch the flap to the body with a straight stitch
  5. Fold the body in half with right sides facing each other and sew the side seams
  6. Turn the cushion around – and finished!

I hemmed the fabric for the table cloth and table runners similar to step 2 and 3.

This is the way everything turned out in my dining room, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to like or comment!


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