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Painted my bathroom with jungle motives!

Hey there!

Today is kind of a special day for me. This project took in total a year to finish and challenged me in so many ways. It all started off with me wanting a bathroom makeover because I had these ugly moss green ceramics everywhere. The tiles on the walls once were brown/green as well but were painted once completely white. In the pictures below you get an impression of what it looked like before the makeover.

In addition, I wanted to shout out to the amazingly talented Karina Eibatova because of her drawings for the Casa Cook Hotel where my inspiration clearly came from.

before bathroom makeover

Completely renewing the bathroom would’ve probably been too expensive, so I went with a compromise: Getting new faucets and a sink, covering up the boiler, get a new vanity and of course painting the walls with a jungle pattern (that would probably make the moss green tub legit, haha). Side info: the bathroom is only 5 sqm large.

I started out by sketching how I wanted things to look like. I scanned the picture and scaled it up on my computer. Then, I actually started sketching the whole motive in pencil again, this time true to the original tile size and back-to-front. Once I was finished with that, I traced the picture on the wall rubbing on the back of my templates to transfer the pencil to the wall.


In order to get a clearer picture, I redrew everything with a waterproof fine liner.


The actual painting process took the longest, I painted everything with water-based acrylic lacquer followed by new fine liner outlines and details and a coat of clear lacquer.

This is how part of it looked like when colored in:

I even filmed a time-lapse video for you showing me painting part of the larger wall.

Now here’s what it finally ended up looking like:

After I put back all my furniture and installed the new armatures as well as the vanity and the boiler’s hideaway it ended up looking like this:


I’m not completely happy with how everything turned out, especially with the vanity. I think I might switch to a smaller one soon in the future. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, hope to see you soon!


  • Wow, you made that green tub work! Looks amazing.


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