Greenery garland christmas decoration

Hey there!

Last weekend my family and I were totally wrapped up in christmas/advent preparations such as cluttering the flat with christmas decorations (honestly, there is no such thing as too many christmas decorations, I can’t be the only one thinking that way, haha), hanging all the string lights and starting to listen to christmas music. As I’m not going to have a christmas tree at all, simply because I don’t have the space for one, I decided to bring greenery to my flat in another way. Last year I have hung a larch limb over my dining table but this year I decided to go for something more DIY.

All you gonna need to recreate this christmas garland is:

  1. binding wire (preferably a green one)
  2. small twigs of greenery of your choice
  3. a rope in the length of your finished garland
  4. (optional) a large limb and metal chains to hang everything up


and that’s it, you’re good to go!

Start approx. 5 cm (2 in) from one end of the rope. Put 4-5 twigs around the rope with ends together. Secure them in place with the binding wire. The next 4-5 twigs should be placed in a way they cover the binding wire of the ones we did before. And that’s basically all! Repeat those steps until you reach the end of the rope. In order to have a very secure garland make sure to wire the twigs twice or even three times. This way they will be set in place a little better.

Now you can hang this on its own, or you can decorate it as I did. The ornaments are mostly from Depot or H&M home.

I’m very pleased about how it turned out and maybe I’ll give this another try next year 🙂


  • Wirklich super schön! Passt farblich klasse zusammen


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