Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal

August Bullet Journal setup

Lately, I got into bullet journaling. To be honest I always loved doodling and planning but for some reason, I never combined those things together. So I gave bullet journaling a shot and I really really enjoyed it so far. I think it’s also a great way to keep up with habits or goals. Or at least I am more motivated doing all stuff that needs to be done if I afterward cross off a point from my to-do list. So satisfying, haha!

But now without further ado let’s get into this month’s setup!

I love love love the designs from Christine My Linh, if you don’t know her already you should really check out her videos on youtube.

This month’s theme is underwater and everything that goes along with it because for me August is the most summerly month where I usually plan a vacation or go swimming. So I thought this would suit best.


For the monthly log, I did a simple grid which gives me enough space for writing down my goals for the month as well as for doodling next to the calendar.

On the next to pages, I set up all my habit trackers. I choose to track my meditation habits because I got the new app “headspace” and it helped me in the past in stressful or painful situations and I really want to make meditating my new habit. Lately, I also suffer from a migraine sometimes. For that reason, I decided to track all the days with a headache or a migraine to find the potential trigger(s). I also wanted to keep up with my cleaning and watering plants so that’s what my third tracker is for. Moreover, I also wanted to track my amount of sleep to probably find some coherence between sleep and headache. That’s it for my trackers.

This August I also started with a plant tracker where I wrote down a summary of what plants I own and what are their needs (water and fertilizer). So hopefully there will be no more dying plant in my home in the future.

Last but not least I did two goals pages for cleaning and blogging goals to stay focused on all cleaning that needs to be done as well as having an overview of what projects I want to do in the future.


So that’s it for the first week of August. I think that bullet journaling is definitively increasing my level of productivity as well as it is simply so much fun to draw and doodle around! Thanks for being here today! I am always appreciating comments or likes if you did enjoy reading this post.

Stay tuned for more!

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