foiled stars

Day #12 – Air dry clay stars gold foiled

For today I chose to go with something classic – Star ornaments that can either be consistent of air dry clay, salt dough or whatever might fit your needs.


foiled stars


To begin with, the only things you’ll need to recreate this DIY are air dry clay (or alternative of your choice), a star shaped cutter, nice ribbon, gold foil and some sort of glue. 

  1. Take you clay and flatten it with a rolling pin
  2. Cut out as many stars as you want
  3. Poke a hole through one of the stars tips using a skewer
  4. Let it dry completely over night 
  5. Put the glue on a few parts of the star and rub the gold foil onto it
  6. let dry – and finished

Leave a comment or like down below if you liked this DIY and are tuned to see some more the next couple of days. If you like to share your recreations on Instagram use the #24daysofdiy. Perhaps they are going to be part of wrap-ups.

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