Tinsel Ornaments DIY

Day #02 – Tinsel glass ornaments

For day three I decided to go with decorated glass ornaments. Perhaps you also have a tinsel garland at home that you used to like but it’s just not up your alley anymore. So what’s better than a diy that uses things you already have? 

Tinsel Ornaments DIY

The list of things you need for this diy is rather short – All it takes are glass ornaments, a tinsel garland and something like a skewer to push the tinsel ball inside of it. 

Therefore, cut the garland into small balls and push them inside. Then put the ornament’s metal cap back on and you’re done for today. 

Leave a comment or like down below if you liked this DIY and are tuned to see some more the next couple of days. If you like to share your recreations on Instagram use the #24daysofdiy. Perhaps they are going to be part of wrap-ups.

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