door wreath

Day #01 – Silver door wreath with greenery


I‘m beyond excited about the next 24 days, not only because of Christmas coming closer, but for the 24 upcoming daily DIYs on this blog (it’ll be everything from string lights to pillow covers, everything that makes Christmas a little extra cosy).


For the first day I decided to create a simple yet beautiful wreath that I can hang on my front door. 

For this approach all I needed was a golden metal hoop, some twigs of greenery, wire, thicker paper, transparent thread and some ribbon to tie a bow in the front. 

I attached the Greenery with wire on top of the silver hoop. Then I went ahead and designed some cutout houses, which you can download down below. I printed them out, traced them onto the thicker paper and cut them out with an exacto knife. 

Then, I‘ve put them on the transparent thread and attached both sides onto the silver metal hoop. To finish it all off, I tied a simple ribbon bow to the bottom of the hoop. 



Leave a comment or like down below if you liked this DIY and are tuned to see some more the next couple of days. If you like to share your recreations on Instagram use the #24daysofdiy. Perhaps they are going to be part of wrap-ups.

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