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Day #08 – Print patterned pillowcase

For this weekend I’m doing two bigger DIY projects compared to the last couple of days. Beginning with a print patterned pillowcase. 

You are going to need:

  1. Fabric of your choice (mine is pure cotton fabric)
  2. Some foamed rubber and a wooden block (Or anything else that serves for stamping)
  3. Fabric paint
  4. Sewing machine (You could also sew by hand but I think it’s a lot easier having a machine to do the job for you)

Cut the fabric to the right size (my pillowcase is 50cm x 50cm plus 15cm for the fold to tuck the pillow in). Then, prepare the pattern you are going to carve out (Mine was a Christmas tree cookie cutter).

Once your pattern is done, sew the parts of the pillow together and stamp the motive on one side. Let it dry overnight and iron it in place afterward and you’re done!



Leave a comment or like down below if you liked this DIY and are tuned to see some more the next couple of days. If you like to share your recreations on Instagram use the #24daysofdiy. Perhaps they are going to be part of wrap-ups.

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