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Day #11 – Hand printed gift wrapping paper

Christmas is coming closer and closer, we‘re nearly half way through by now. Time goes by so fast, huh?

Today I’m going to show you how to create your own patterned wrapping paper. For this you’ll need any sort of carving tool, I’m going to use foamed rubber though, because I still have scraps of it lying around.  Additionally, you’ll need ink and paper of any kind. 



Cut the motive out of the foamed rubber, glue it on top of a small wood block and then use it as a stamp to decorate your own unique gift wrapping paper. (I added to layers of foamed rubber to get more distance between stamp and block)



Leave a comment or like down below if you liked this DIY and are tuned to see some more the next couple of days. If you like to share your recreations on Instagram use the #24daysofdiy. Perhaps they are going to be part of wrap-ups.

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