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Day #19 – Star shaped pleated paper ornaments

It’s almost weekend again! Time for some more Christmas related DIY projects! Today I chose to stick with something classic this year: pleated paper ornaments. 

They come in all sorts of different shape and sizes. I’m going to show you how to fold one version.

You are going to need paper of medium thickness, beads, wire and ribbon. To fold a star shaped pleated ornament, take a paper strip that is 14 cm x 56 cm large. Fold it in half short sides matching up. Fold each side on half again and again until you end up having 32 parts. Undo the folding and fold lengthwise this time. Fold above and below this fold line to create squares. Fold the paper to have each square crossed two times diagonally. Fold both sides downwards creating inwards folds with the crossed squares. Press down all the folds, and create a hole by pinching a nail through both outer corners. Thread the wire through the holes and glue the ends of the paper together. Tie a knot with the wire and attach the ribbon to it. Now it’s ready to be hung!


Plissee Star


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