Leaf bug showcase

Hey everyone!

Autumn vibes got me and so I’m going to show you today how to build a leaf bug show case! The majority of the things you’ll need for this project can be collected during a walk in the woods or even in your garden!

If you want to recreate this project you’ll need:

  1. Lots of natural materials, such as branches, grasses, acorns or other nuts, leaves and whatever crosses your way
  2. A deep picture frame in any size you like (mine are the RIBBA frames from IKEA)
  3. Something to shape the bodies of the bugs for e.g. air-drying clay
  4. Some felt to decorate the inside of the frame (mine’s the KOMPLEMENT felt mat from IKEA)


Firstly, I cut the felt to size for all sides of the frame (four smaller side pieces and one large back piece). Then I hot glued the different pieces onto their places.

Secondly, I arranged the collected material to get an overview. Here’s what mine looked like:

Then I formed the bodies of the insects using air-drying clay. I did nothing too special, some elliptical shapes and a few more organic ones but there are no limits to your imagination!

Some things like the antennae or wings can be attached by sticking them into the body. While the clay dries down, it gets hard enough to hold the parts together. For all other elements that couldn’t be stuck into the clay I used hot glue once more.

After I glued them together I arranged them on the back side of the picture frame and glued them to the felt to sit in place.

Lastly, I put the frame back together and attached the back with some sticky tape to the edges of the frame.

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