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Tripod Lamp

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to build your own designer lamp for MUCH less than the original! On the left there’s the original floor lamp I saw on the internet for ~280$ and on the right my remake:



I instantly thought, that I can create this lamp easily and it would also be much cheaper than the original!

What you’ll need

  1.  Some squared timbers in the appropriate size for your lamp. Mine are 4 cm x 4 cm (1,6” x 1,6”)
  2. A lamp shade (Mine’s IKEA’s JÄRA shade with the diameter of 45 cm (18”)
  3. Textile 3-wire cord in any color or pattern you like
  4. A switch, a plug, a threaded socket and matching plastic ring (to hold the lamp shade)
  5. Wire cutters, screwdriver a saw and a Forstner bit, wood glue and 2-component glue (plastic-wood)


In order to create the wooden part of the lamp, cut the squared timbers to length as shown in the following figure:

1. The biggest leg: 126 cm (50”)

2. The medium leg: 122 cm (48,4”)

3. The smallest leg: 118 cm (46,8”)

4. The bridge of the biggest leg (smaller side): 22 cm (8,7”)

5. The bridge of the medium leg (smaller side): 18 cm (7,1”)

6. The bridge of the smallest leg (smaller side): 13 cm (5,1”)

7.  The neck: 16 cm (6,3”)

8. The angle of all legs: 95°

This should give you following parts:

In the next step, drill holes for the cable onto the bridges in the middle of a 4 cm x 4 cm (1,6” x 1,6”) square at the non-angled end (picture below). Also drill all the way through the neck. With a Forstner bit widen the hole to the size of your socket (width and depth).

Once you tested the holes to fit the cable you can glue the wooden parts together with wood glue. Let them dry at least for one day.

Next, it’s time to prepare the electrics.

Therefore, cut the cable completely where you want the switch to be. Mount the switch in between and the plug at one end of the cable.

Electric material

Once the wooden parts have dried properly, tuck the cable carefully through the bridges and the neck and mount the socket. When everything works fine, glue the socket into the hole you drilled with the Forstner bit (2-component glue).

If you want, you can stain or paint your lamp. I’ve chosen to stain mine in a light walnut color.

And voilá, your own designer lamp is ready to enlighten your home!

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