DIY filled glass ornaments

Create unique Christmas ornaments with these glass ornament filling ideas. This DIY is especially easy and can be so much fun to do with the whole family!

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    December 7, 2019

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01. Intro

This is an easy DIY inspiration on how to spice up glass ornaments you already have with things you might even have on hand and home. I’m showing you four different ways of how to style glass ornaments in a timeless and modern way.

02. How to

Basically all you need to recreate this project are glass ornaments and a filling of your choice. I choose feathers, real and/or fake greenery, cut-offs from a tinsel garland and copper foil

Remove the ornaments cap and fill content

There is nothing more needed than opening up the glass ornaments and put the content inside. 

For the copper foil, use wallpaper paste, mod podge or something similar and put small bits of foil onto the wet glue.


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