Jungle bathroom makeover

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    December 6, 2018

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    Furniture & Interior

01. Intro

Here you’ll find my bathroom makeover. I couldn’t get completely rid of everything and start from scratch. So what I started with were mossy green and brown-ish tiles, bathtub and sink. I decided to remove the sink but keep the tub. To kind of make it work I covered the walls in a fantasy jungle pattern.

02. How to

First off, I want to shout out to the amazingly talented Karina Eibatova because of her drawings for the Casa Cook Hotel where my inspiration came from.

Completely renewing the bathroom would’ve probably been too expensive, so I went with a compromise: Getting new faucets and a sink, covering up the boiler, get a new vanity and of course painting the walls with a jungle pattern (that would probably make the moss green tub legit, haha). Side info: the bathroom is only 5 sqm large.

Choose / Create your motif digitally

I started out by sketching how I wanted things to look like. I scanned the picture and scaled it up on my computer. Then, I actually started sketching the whole motive in pencil again, this time true to the original tile size and back-to-front.

Draw true-to-size and trace onto the wall

I traced the picture on the wall rubbing on the back of my templates to transfer the pencil to the wall. In order to get a clearer picture, I redrew everything with a waterproof fine liner. (If you're comfortable with drawing on a larger scale feel free to do so and skip this step).

Painting and adding details

The actual painting process took the longest, I painted everything with water-based acrylic lacquer followed by new fine liner outlines and details and a clear coat.

03. Making Of

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